Majlis Ash-Shura of New York warmly invites you to our much-anticipated annual fundraiser, themed “Empowering Every Voice“. In a world where voices can be drowned out, we stand together to strengthen our community, ensuring every voice within the Muslim population of New York is heard and supported.


We are honored to host two distinguished speakers: Sheikh Hasan Abu Nar, a renowned scholar with a PhD in Tafseer and known for his profound knowledge and understanding of the Holy Quran; and Ustadh Abdul Rashid Umar, an Islamic Scholar based in New York, whose passion lies in teaching the Noble Qur’anAqeedahFiqh, and Hadith. Their insights promise to be both enlightening and inspiring, contributing significantly to our theme.


This event is not just a gathering; it’s a beacon of hope and unity, illuminating the path towards a more inclusive and empowered community. Your presence and support will help us continue our vital work, from educational initiatives to community services, touching lives and making a tangible difference.


Secure your tickets now and be a part of this unforgettable evening. Together, let’s strengthen our bonds, enrich our knowledge, and uplift every voice in our community.