Participating in the 2020 Census

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  • The Census is an opportunity that arises every 10 years for representation and accountability
  • The Census is safe, completely confidential, and protected by federal law
  • The Census obtains reliable statistics on demographics, and America’s diversity which is why it remains important to participate so that your voice and needs are accounted for
  • The Census determines the allocation of $675 billion in federal funds to your state and communities
  • The allocation of these federal funds are used for public services, education, infrastructure healthcare, schools, hospitals, roads, etc.
  • Federal funds also create new jobs, provides housing, and helps your state to prepare for emergencies
  • Everyone should participate, whether you are documented or undocumented
  • It takes about 10 minutes to complete and submit
  • Census data is used for research to help address issues of economic inequality, poverty, academic research, and policy proposals
  • Census data determines how many seats each state gets in the House of Representatives
  • Census data can determine the redrawing of district maps affecting election and school districts
  • New York City lost a few seats in Congress in the 2010 Census due to low participation in the Census
  • The Census will never be used against you, and it will never threaten your immigration status
  • The Census will begin April 1st