Standing in Solidarity with Kashmir Under Indian Occupation

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  • Kashmir has been occupied by India for over 70 years, and has been a big source of dispute between Pakistan and India
  • On August 5th, the Indian government revoked a constitutional amendment that granted Kashmir semi-autonomy from full control by India.. Kashmiris believe this was a necessary step to ensure that Kashmiris themselves would have a say over the future of their nation. Now with it gone, the Indian government can artificially adjust the demographics of the region by flooding the Valley with non-Kashmiris to shift the electoral dynamics and squash Kashmiri calls for self-determination.
  • Ever since, the government has placed over 35,000 troops in the Kashmir Valley in addition to 500,000. Kashmir is already considered the world’s most heavily militarized regions. Over 90,000 Kashmiris have been killed throughout this brutal occupation, and thousands more have been injured, tortured and maimed.
  • All internet, phone and television communications have been cut off in the Kashmir Valley, and the streets have been restricted, their leaders have been arrested and stripped of power. Any sense of self-determination has been taken away
  • The BJP, India’s ruling Hindu right-wing party, is one of the most Islamophobic political parties across the world. It allows for an environment where Muslims can be harassed, killed and even massacred at the hands of Hindu extremists, like it happened in 2002. As the Prophet ﷺ said, “The Ummah is like one body, when a part of it hurts the entire body aches.” The unity of the ummah is a central theme in Islam, it is our duty to protect all members of the ummah in whatever capacity we can when they are under attack. It is the Islamic obligation of any Muslim to speak out when an injustice has occurred, especially when the injustice is against our Muslim brothers and sisters. We must speak out for the people of Kashmir, and urge our political leaders to say something to the Indian government. 
  • The situation in Kashmir, just like the situations in Palestine, China, Burma, Syria are all examples of the corruption of dunyawi power of tyrants. Firaun thought of himself as mighty and all powerful when he oppressed the Hebrews, and look what happened to him? Justice comes in all forms, and ultimately Justice resides with Allah, but Muslims should never stop seeking justice on this earth. These were the examples of our rasools (as) to speak out against tyranny and to help the oppressed people.