Voting in Local Elections

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  • The principle of “command good and forbid evil” extends to our role in communities as citizens.
  • Civic engagement is expected from citizens to participate in society.
  • We have a social responsibility as Muslims to improve our communities.
  • Local elections are more important than federal elections because they determine how our immediate communities are daily governed.
  • Local elections are more influential for our communities.
  • Voting during local elections is a more effective way to participate in your community’s political process and have Muslim voices heard.
  • Muslims can prioritize the issues that are important to their community by being engaged with local elections and candidates.
  • The consequences of not participating in local community affairs produce greater burdens and less benefits for our communities. 
  • Elected officials are public servants who represent the community that voted for them.
  • Candidates will not take the Muslim community seriously if they are not a voter community.
  • Not voting is ultimately giving consent to whichever local official comes into power.
  • Voting is one of the easiest ways to make a difference. If you are a citizen, it only takes a few minutes to register to vote.
  • If you are registered already, make sure your family and loved ones are registered.
  • Make your plan to vote beforehand and take time to learn about different local candidates and their platforms to make an informed voting decision.