Majlis Ash-Shura New York Statement on the International Court of Justice Preliminary Ruling on Gaza Genocide Charge Against Israel

(New York, NY – 1/26/2024) Majlis Ash-Shura New York acknowledges the significant step taken by the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in its recent preliminary ruling. This ruling recognizes the plausibility of South Africa’s genocide charge against the Israeli government and the necessity for the case to proceed, marking a momentous move towards justice and accountability for the Palestinian people in Gaza.

This decision mandates immediate actions by the Israeli government to prevent further acts of genocidal aggression and requires a detailed report on these actions within a month. While this development is noteworthy, we feel it is crucial to emphasize the need for more decisive actions, such as the immediate implementation of a ceasefire in Gaza to address the urgent safety and humanitarian needs of its people.

Majlis Ash-Shura New York calls upon the Biden administration to respect the ICJ’s ruling, reassess its previous dismissal of South Africa’s charge as “meritless,” and cease any support for policies that contribute to the suffering of the Palestinian people. It is essential for the United States to align its foreign policy with the principles of justice, human rights, and respect for international legal frameworks.

We stand united with global calls for definitive actions against the Israeli government’s oppressive actions in Gaza. The imposition of sanctions, the suspension of diplomatic ties, and the initiation of other necessary steps are imperative to hold the Israeli government accountable and to halt its ongoing campaign.

We believe that the only path to peace and justice in Gaza is through an immediate and permanent ceasefire, followed by a steadfast pursuit of a just and lasting peace that concludes the occupation and restores the dignity and rights of the Palestinian people.

Majlis Ash-Shura New York remains committed to advocating for justice, human rights, and peace. We call upon leaders and nations around the world to act with conscience and integrity during these critical times. The actions taken today will not only define our era but will also set the precedent for future generations in the pursuit of peace and justice.