Urgent Need for Proper Representation of Columbia University Protests


Mayor Adams,

We, at Majlis Ash-Shura: Islamic Leadership Council of New York, represent over 90 mosques and Muslim organizations across our city. We write to express our sincere concern about your recent statement regarding the protests at Columbia University. While we steadfastly condemn all forms of hate speech, it is crucial to clarify that the portrayal of the protests in your communication does not align with the facts on the ground, as noted by the NYPD’s own statements confirming the peaceful nature of the protests.

As the elected mayor of the entire population of NYC, your statement categorizes these demonstrations under a blanket of lawlessness and potential terrorism, an irresponsible and inaccurate depiction that risks inciting further misunderstanding and division in our city. Such assertions not only undermine the legitimate concerns of those protesting peacefully but also contribute to a dangerously polarized environment.

We urge you to retract your unfounded claims and approach this situation with the nuance and gravity it deserves. It is imperative that the city’s leadership foster an atmosphere where the constitutional rights to free speech and peaceful assembly are respected and protected, rather than maligned.

We expect and demand a rectification of the narrative you have put forth. Our community deserves fair and just representation by its elected officials.


Abdul-Aziz Bhuiyan
Board Member
Head of Task Force