Urgent Call for Action and Solidarity: Tragic Loss of Imam Hassan Sharif following a shooting outside his Mosque

(New York, NY. Jan 3, 2024) The Islamic Leadership Council of New York (Majlis Ash-Shura NY), an umbrella organization of more than 90 Mosques and organizations, condemns the senseless killing of Imam Hassan Sharif of Masjid Muhammad in Newark, NJ. 

Imam Sharif was tragically shot around 6 am today, outside of Masjid Muhammad in Newark. We extend our deepest condolences to his family and the entire Muslim community affected by this profound loss. 

The murder of Imam Sharif is not only a grievous loss to his community but a stark reminder of the threats our communities face. 

In this time of sorrow and reflection, we urgently call for swift action from law enforcement agencies. We cannot underscore the importance of an expedited but thorough investigation to bring the perpetrator(s) to justice. 

This incident highlights the need for increased security measures around mosques and Islamic centers. We strongly call for heightened vigilance and police presence to ensure the safety and protection of our communities, particularly during times of worship and gathering.

This tragedy is a call to action for all of us. We must unite against the rising tide of hatred and violence that threatens our basic rights and safety. It is a moment to reaffirm our commitment to peace, mutual respect, and the sanctity of all human lives. 

The Islamic leadership council of New York remains dedicated to advocating for the rights and well-being of Muslims across New York and beyond. We stand in solidarity with the victims of this heinous crime and all those who continue to face injustice and discrimination.