The Islamic Leadership Council of New York Condemns Indian and Israeli Brutality Against Muslims & Palestinians: Global Calls of Solidarity for Muslims During Ramadan

(New York, NY – 04/18/2022) – As Muslims observe Ramadan globally, the holiest month of the year, the world is witnessing horrific amounts of targeted hatred and attacks towards Muslims, particularly in India and Palestine. Human Rights Groups are warning of impending genocides on Muslims in India, while the Israeli Occupation Force resumes its violent raids consecutively during Ramadan to terrorize Palestinian worshippers at Masjid al-Aqsa, the third holiest site for Muslims. The Islamic Leadership Council of New York condemns these acts of violence against Muslims, and is calling upon public officials to denounce violence against Indian Muslims and Palestinians, especially during Ramadan – a time when public officials make gestures of support towards the Muslim community.

Palestine – In the past week alone, Israeli forces have terrorized worshippers inside Masjid al-Aqsa leaving over 150 Palestinians injured including women and children. Mainstream media reports have labeled this targeted violence towards Palestinians as “clashes” – a dishonest portrayal of fully armed soldiers assaulting non-armed worshippers in a mosque. 

India – The founder of Genocide Watch recently briefed Congress on impending signs and processes of systematic genocide against Muslims in several states and Indian-occupied Kashmir amid rising violence against Muslim shopkeepers and widespread hijab bans. For years now, the BJP Party in India has been stoking religious divisions within society, and encouraging violent provocations towards Muslims from both society and authorities.

We have already witnessed double standards in media coverage and political responses when comparing Eurocentric lives to Black/Brown lives- in what would be an unimaginable label of describing the Russian invasion of Ukraine as simply “clashes between Russians and Ukrainians,” we demand the same standard be applied to instances of all conflicts with clear aggressors and victims. The Islamic Leadership Council of New York is asking the community to stand together in a global call of solidarity for Muslims who are suffering globally. Please keep the people of Palestine and the Muslims of India in your prayers from occupation and Islamophobic hatred. Furthermore, as we approach the last 10 nights of Ramadan, we ask the community to make special du’a for the people of Afghanistan, Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, Egypt, Kashmir, for the Uyghurs, Rohingyans, and all those suffering around the world.